Product Specifications

 Name(of product)  KIWAMI DASHI KOKORO
 Salt, Chemical seasoning, Preservative Not used

Size per packet
 Width 16   cm
 Depth  cm
 Height 23   cm
 Weight 112   g
 Net wieight  80   g
Size per case
 Width 30   cm
 Depth 60   cm
 Height 29   cm
 Weight 6.6   kg
 Quantity 50   packet
 Minimum lot
10   Case
 Store at room temperature
 Valid for 1year from the manufacturing date
 Production district
 The proportion of domestic raw materials
 Standard domestic retail price
1,000   yen

 Raw material Chemical seasoning, animal raw materials not used.

Ingredients:dried bonito , dried sardine , dried tuna , dried ago , seaweed , starch hydrolyzate , yeast extract powder , fermented seasoning

 Product Features

Using carefully selected domestic materials (dried bonito,dried sardine,dried tuna , dried ago , seaweed) ,without , salt , chemical seasoning , nor preservatives. It is a product that you can use widely from infants to those who care about salt. Put a bag in 400cc of water and boil , please boil for 1-2minutes. Because salt is not used, it is ideal for miso soup.

 Product sales destination  Target customer
□For business use
□For home use
□Direct sale
□Wholesale trade
□Department store
□Food speciality store
 All generations
Gender Store method Shipment
possible dates
male/female At room temperature All year round ,
all time

 ●Miso Soup
 To make three cups, pour 400cc of Dashi into a pot , simmer “tofu” and chopped green onion , put some “miso” turn the heat off before boiling.

 ●Boiled stewed “Daikon” (radish)
 (To make 3 servings.) Put 800cc water and 2 bags of “Dashi” in a pot add. Peeled, sliced and previously boiled “Daikon”, simmer for 5 min. add soy sauce and cook for about 30 minutes.

 ●Cooked rice with other ingredients
 Use 2 bags of “Dashi” for 3 cups of rice. Split the maitake mushrooms , cut the Konnyaku, bordock and carrots thinly, add 2 tablespoons of sake 3 tablespoons of soy sause , put everthing in the rice cooker (cook with the same amount of water for rice cooking.)

 1 bag for 400cc. Place udon in soup. Put chopped green onions and deep‐fried tofu, Put 2 tablespoons soy sauce and 1 tbsp sake.